Influencer Spotlight – Flora Law

Influencer Spotlight – Flora Law

This week, our team at Social Influencer Jobs sat down with one of our newest members to get an inside look at how she got to where she’s at. Flora Law is a full-time Canadian lifestyle blogger who (when she’s not blogging) loves to host friends, cook, and explore the great outdoors with her dog. 

Flora was kind enough to answer a few questions for us related to her career as an influencer as well as some challenges/successes she’s had along the way. 

Let’s take a look!

How did you get started as an influencer?

“I started my Instagram account in 2015 when I was working full-time at a tech company as a marketing manager. I’m a super girly girl and tech wasn’t the most fashion forward industry for me, so I began to post fashion, beauty, and travel content on my Instagram page daily, just for fun.”

 “After a year, my page grew and brands started to notice me, that’s when I started my blog and quit my job to pursue a career as an influencer full time. Today, I also have a YouTube channel as well.”

What were a few challenges or roadblocks you’ve had to overcome with your influencing?

“Definitely time management and learning to be comfortable with saying no. I didn’t have an agent when starting out, so I did everything myself. I shot and edited my own content, I did all my emails from pitching to negotiating contracts, and I did my own invoicing and accounting.”

“It was a huge learning curve (but well worth it since I have all those skills now), but I remember falling behind and compromising my sleep schedule just to stay on track. Now, I’ve learned to manage my time more efficiently and not to take on too much.” 

“In the beginning, I wanted to say yes to all opportunities because I was just starting out. I felt that “YES” was the right attitude to have. Now I know that it’s okay to say no to opportunities that may not be a fit or work for my schedule. “

Can you share a few successes that you’ve had?

“The year that I quit my full-time job, I ended up making the exact same amount that I would have at that job through Instagram and my blog. The next year I ended up making more!”

Are there any tips that you have for aspiring influencers?

“If this is something you truly want to pursue, don’t give up! There will be days you won’t feel as motivated or like you’re not making progress, but you just have to keep going. Like any job, some days will be better than others.”

“You also have to be in this for the long haul and consistent, you have to put in the time. Relationships are also very important, marketing/brand managers, and PR professionals prefer to work with people they like and know – keep that in mind and don’t do anything to tarnish your reputation.”

What does a rough breakdown of your monetization look like?

“The majority of my income comes from Instagram sponsorships. I also make income from sponsorships for my blog and through affiliate marketing programs. Occasionally I’ll be asked to attend events where I’ll be compensated as well.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this interview with Flora! We plan to keep putting the spotlight on our influencers and will continue to post success stories and valuable lessons.

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